Dropcam is Killing Off Your Original and Echo on April 15, Will Replace With Dropcam HD for Free

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Over the weekend, Dropcam announced via its support knowledge base that it would soon be discontinuing support for older products, namely the original Dropcam and Dropcam Echo. The Nest-owned company has plans to improve the experience of its IP cameras, so that (unfortunately) means newly planned features won’t work on these older products and they will be shut down. Thankfully, because of the end-of-life status of those two products in particular, Dropcam is going to replace yours for free with a Dropcam HD. How awesome is that? 

On April 15, Dropcam is killing off the original Dropcam and Dropcam Echo. Like, fully killing off. And I don’t mean that they are just going to stop selling (which they already quit doing), I mean that these cameras will stop recording and connecting to Dropcam service on that day. That’s right, even if you own either of those products and have them setup in your house, they will stop working completely come April 15.

So how do you get your free replacement? Dropcam, said to us in an email that “if you are eligible to take part in the legacy camera replacement program, you will receive an email with more information” and a link to a form that needs to be filled out. They also mentioned that “if you don’t get that email, you are not eligible for the program” and that “support agents will not be able to fill the form out for you.” Until you get the email correspondence from Dropcam, you will have to remain patient.

The Dropcam HD used to run about $149 at retail, so Dropcam is gifting you a $$150 replacement.

If you have questions about cloud video recording subscriptions on your old cameras, hit up the source link below for additional details.

Anyone receive their email with replacement instructions?

Edit:  The original post said “Dropcam Pro” throughout, but the replacement is actually with a Dropcam HD.

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