MakerBot App Hits Google Play, Allows for Complete Management of Designs and Workflow

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MakerBot, seller of many different models and variations of 3D printers, released its official Android application this morning onto Google Play. With the app, owners of a MakerBot printer can manage libraries of designs, send work to the printer, and much more all from their Android smartphones. 

From your device, you can access your MakerBot cloud library, choose downloadable designs from the Thingiverse app, and then optimize and scale your designs for printing at home. It is your all-in-one tool for the MakerBot ecosystem.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a MakerBot here at the DL offices, so I can’t explain as well as they can what you can do with the app. But hey, I tried. If you happen to own your very own MakerBot 3D printer, go check out the Android app now.

MakerBot Mobile adds a revolutionary layer of convenience and ease to your 3D printing workflow by allowing you to access everything MakerBot from your mobile device and prepare digital designs for 3D printing.

Choose a downloadable digital design from Thingiverse or any 3D model file stored in your MakerBot Cloud Library, then use MakerBot cloud servers to optimize, scale, and slice your design for 3D printing, layer-by-layer. MakerBot Mobile does all the work for you so all you have to do is confirm the print on your MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer.

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