Video: DODOcase Moto 360 Watch Bands First Look!

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Immediately after we broke news of DODOcase leather watch bands being available for the Moto 360 last week, we purchased a handful. With their premium price tag ($60), we wanted to get them in house as fast as possible to share thoughts on in case some of you were thinking about picking them up, but were hesitant to spend that kind of cash. Thanks to semi-quick shipping, ours have arrived! 

We have on-hand the red, blue, and green bands, although we swear we ordered the tan option instead of green. Anyways, this is what we have, so we’re going with it.

In the short time spent with these DODOcase leather bands, all of which have been hand-crafted in the USA (but randomly ship from China), you can tell that there is certainly a high level of quality here. The watch clasp is made of stainless steel (likely the same clasp as is found on the Horween straps), there is stitching at each end of each band, and the texture on the leather adds to the overall aesthetic.

I can’t exactly say that these feel better out of the box than the Horween leather straps (which are half the cost), but they do feel like thick strands of leather that should sustain some wear. They will most definitely take time to break in, as they are a bit stiff and rough around the edges to start, but I’m willing to give them enough time to see how the leather loosens and ages.

In the video below, you can see more angles and the packaging, talk of each band in hand, and see how one looks on-wrist.

If you want to buy the DODOcase bands, you can do so at Motorola’s shop.

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