This Could be the New HTC One (Updated)

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According to sources of, this is your next HTC One, which is either the One (M9) or still just the “Hima.” What’s that? You can’t see any differences between this phone and last year’s One (M8)? Not surprising, since they indeed do look to be almost identical phones in terms of shape and design. Let’s talk about what we think is different after looking at these pictures for a bit. 

First, if we start with the front, you really won’t see many changes. This is obviously a gold variant of the new One, but the speaker placements, front camera, sensors, and that ridiculously unneeded black “HTC” bar are all back in the same spots. I have a gold One (M8) sitting in front of me right now and can tell you that the only difference between this supposed “Hima” picture and the M8 is the trim. On my gold M8 the trim is black, whereas the trim on this leaked device appears to be lighter, either gold or grey or tan. That’s it. That is the only difference.

So, what about the backside? This is where things change a little. The biggest difference here is the squarish camera lens. In the One (M8), the camera housing is round, but also accompanied by a secondary Duo sensor at the top. Of course, whoever took this “leaked” photo failed to capture the top, so we have no idea if there is a secondary sensor or not. Great job, blurry cam leaker! Outside of the camera, the trim has also switched from black to that tan or grey color.

On the bottom, the headphone jack and micro US port are in the same spot as they are on the current One (M8).

As for news on specs, this report mentions the same set of specs we have heard for months now:  Snapdragon 810, 3GB RAM, 20.7MP camera, 5-inch 1080p display, and a front 13MP camera (some think it will be a UltraPixel sensor).

Thoughts? Big enough change from HTC or did they not need to change?

Update:  Here is a comparison of the HTC One (M8) to the new HTC One.

htc one m9 hima1




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