Wednesday Poll: Droid Life Community, Where You At?

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To finish off 2014, we thought we should do something that hasn’t been done around these parts in at least a couple of years. It’s map time!

For those new to the “Where you at?” posts, just know that way back in the early days, we thought it was a cool idea to have the community drop pins on a map to show where they were reading the site from. As the site grew, obviously the number of pins increased, so we got some really fun maps out of it. Plus, it’s always interesting to see the different countries from around the world that are represented here. 

Here is what you need to do to participate:

  • Click on the “+” button on the map.
  • In the “Add Entry” box that pops up, you have two options.
  • 1)  Type in your city in the “Location” box and then press “Submit.”
  • 2)  Click on the “Click on a map location” button.
  • Zoom, drag, navigate around the map to find your location.
  • Click on your city.
  • You should see a marker appear, along with the “Add Entry” pop-up again.
  • Click “Submit” to submit your entry. Done!

Note – Please do not put your actual address; just cities, please.



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