Pushbullet Update Brings Notification Quick Action Interaction to the Desktop

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Thanks to another great update to Pushbullet, you now have even more power over notifications that arrive from your device to your desktop. The Pushbullet team has added in support for the Quick Actions you see in certain notifications, like an “Archive” or “Delete” button in a notification for an email. Rather than simply dismissing a notification, you can instead take control over them without ever having to pick-up your phone or tablet. 

It works like this. Once you have the newest Pushbullet update on your phone and computer, and notifications roll in, you will see a pop-up that now has an action button alongside the Dismiss button. With a click on that action button, the notification will expand, showing you different options. As you can see in the screenie below, a Gmail notification could show you options for Delete and Reply that can be chosen from your desktop. If you were to click “delete,” that email would be deleted. If you clicked “reply,” an email reply would then be opened on your Android device.

Pretty neat, right? To get the full explanation, check out the video below.


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