Verizon Messages Will Soon Let You Send Starbucks Gift Cards

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Users of Verizon Messages…wait, what’s that? There isn’t such a thing? OK, then, theoretically speaking, if you were to become a Verizon Messages user (and I understand that you won’t), I wanted to point out that you will soon be able to easily send a Starbucks eGift Card to other users. According to an un-asked-for email tied to my Verizon account (that was likely opt-out), later this month, you will be able to click a “gift” icon within the Messages app in any one-on-one conversation to pass along Starbucks bucks. Apparently, this is a “cool and convenient” way to bring caffeine into a friend’s life.

Convenient indeed. Unless of course you realize that you have to use the Verizon Messages app in order to experience this convenience, which then makes it inconvenient. 

Later this month, you will be able to send a Starbucks eGift Card through a Verizon Messages service enhancement! Just click on the Gift icon in any one-on-one conversation in the Verizon Messages mobile app to send a Starbucks eGift Card to another mobile phone. It’s a cool and convenient way to say “Thanks”, “Happy Birthday” or “Meet me at Starbucks”.

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