500K Google Cardboard VR Units Shipped, Google Works to Help Developers Take Advantage of Virtual Reality

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Somehow, incredibly, Mountain View was able to ship 500,000 units of Google Cardboard, its cheap virtual reality headset. A few thousand units of that much larger number were given out to attendees of this year’s Google I/O, but the rest must have gone out to various online retailers, developers, and Google campuses across the globe.¬†

Regardless of the amount Google shipped, the company appears to be getting quite serious about Virtual Reality, now putting its sights¬†on helping developers, as well as third party manufacturers, create entertaining and immersive experiences for consumers. This help translates into SDKs and Android and Unity, as well as calibration tools to help sync the motion of the user’s head and the view from inside the application.

For us consumers, though, Google has dedicated an entire page on Google Play for apps that support Google Cardboard. Here, you will find action games, immersive experiences, and much more.

Want your very own Cardboard? You can buy here.

Be on the lookout for more exciting Cardboard news down the road, as Google does appear to be done quite yet building on this platform.

Via: Google Developers Blog



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