Quick Look: Spigen Thin Fit and Ultra Hybrid Nexus 6 Cases

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With the arrival of the Nexus 6, accessory makers like Spigen are doing their best to try and win over your money by offering up whale-sized forms of protection in a variety of shapes. We happen to have all of Spigen’s Nexus 6 case line-up in house, have gone through each behind the scenes, and finally narrowed the lot down to two in particular that we wanted to highlight for you as options that would we potentially consider on our own. 

The two we have chosen to highlight in a video below are the Thin Fit and Ultra Hybrid. We settled on these because the Thin Fit offers up an incredibly snug and thin fit that will give you a level of protection without adding much weight or thickness to a device that is already too large in the eyes of many. We chose the Ultra Hybrid because it’s also very thin, but it takes protection up a notch with a “cushioned” finish that is clear, giving you a constant view of the Shamu underneath.

To find out what we like or dislike about each, be sure to watch the clip below. After that, if there are other cases from other manufacturers that you would like to see, be sure to drop those in the comments.

Amazon Links:  Thin Fit ($10.99) | Ultra Hybrid ($11.99) | Other Nexus 6 Spigen cases




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