Google Play Services 6.5 for Developers, Brings Helpful Maps, Wallet, and Fit APIs for Incorporation

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Google’s Android development team is now rolling out Google Play Services 6.5 to developers, bringing a ton of new APIs to incorporate into existing applications.

For starters, developers are getting more flexibility from Google Maps, with the API now offering a map toolbar to allow users to open Maps and immediately get directions, as well as turn-by-turn navigation to a selected marker. For business owners, who also run an application, this could help potential customers find their place much more quickly. 

Also in Play Services 6.5 are updated APIs for Google Wallet, Google Drive, and Google Fit. The info is not all that exciting for the end consumer, but if you are a developer, or just a very curious Android user, feel free to follow the via link below for more information.

Update:  Download link for Google Play services 6.5 .apk.

Via: Android Developers



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