The Tower Challenges You to Build a Structure to Reach the Coldness of Space

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Not by any means new, although recently updated, a game called The Tower challenges players to use a single finger to create a building tall enough to reach space. In the game, you must perfectly time your placement of floors on your building, as not to miss your mark and have your building come toppling down. 

If you happen to miss the mark, the game speed will greaten, making it harder to place your blocks perfectly. You use a single tap of your finger to place blocks as they slide from left to right over your current floor.

The game is certainly addictive, and does look pretty good. Players can also use boosts which can be used to start you a few floors up, or to double the amount of coins you receive from your building. Finally, you can use those collected coins to purchase new settings and environments.

The highest I have gone is 64. Think you can beat that?

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