Samsung Announces the Galaxy A5 and A3 – Thin, Mid-Range, and Metal, for the Hip Kids

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Samsung unwrapped two new devices last night, both of which seem destined for China and emerging markets. The devices are the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3, two phones that have ultra thin, full metal unibody designs that measure in at 6.7mm and 6.9mm, respectively. Outside of their premium bodies, Samsung hopes “young and trend conscious consumers” will be on board with their selfie features and social media prowess. 

The Galaxy A5 and A3 are Samsung’s slimmest phones to date and come in a variety of colors (white, black, silver, pink, light blue, and champagne gold) to “accommodate the personal style and preference of diverse users.”

Each phone has a 5MP front camera for, you guessed it, selfies. F-ing selfies. Talk about a trend that needs to die quicker than the word “phablet.” But hey, the cool kids take them, so that means every phone manufacturer should build in selfie cams! OK! I’m now talking loudly about selfies. Moving on.

Samsung also packed in quad-core processors (unnamed), 13MP (A5) and 8MP (A3) rear cameras, 5-inch HD (A5) and 4.5-inch qHD (A3) AMOLED displays, micro SD support, 4G LTE radios, and all of the TouchWiz a human would never ask for if they knew better.

The phones will be available starting in November in China, along with other “select” markets.

Galaxy A5

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