Rovio Launches RETRY, a Game That has Nothing to do With Birds

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Brace yourself, you might be in for a shocker. Rovio, the company who beats you over the head with countless renditions of its one hit wonder Angry Birds, released a new game this week that has absolutely nothing to do with birds or pigs. Say what?!

The new game, called RETRY, is a funny little airplane game that tests how good of an aviator you are. You tap on the screen of the your phone to make the plane fly, while also trying to collect coins and not crash into the ground or hillside. The overall goal is to not crash, collect coins for upgrades, and then land perfectly. 

Surprisingly, this game does not make me feel like punching a wall just yet, but with its addictive nature, coupled with the fact that you might crash a lot, that time may come.

Price? Free. IAPs? You betcha.

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