Check Out Drone: Shadow Strike on Google Play, Because America

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A game called Drone: Shadow Strike is available on Google Play this week, bringing 24+ missions and 280+ challenges to those brave enough to pilot an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV). Inside the game, players are able to choose from seven different types of drones, from prototypes to in-service aircrafts, with your main objectives being Defend, Survive, Attack, and Escort. 

You will use your UCAV’s four different tiers of weaponry to eliminate your targets, highlighted by cannons, guided missiles, rockets, and free fall bombs. While completing missions, and doing a fine good job at it, your rank will be promoted, allowing you to go from Airman Basic to Master General should you be up to the challenge.

The developer states on Google Play that the game will continue to receive more updates for missions, so if piloting a drone interests you, check it out.

The game is free to download, but of course, does feature IAPs.

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