SnapLock App Will Enhance Your Lock Screen Experience

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An application called SnapLock is making the rounds through Google Play, thanks to its upscale design and straightforward ease of use. The app replaces your existing lock screen, bringing a more simplified yet feature-packed experience, while still offering a way to secure your device.

For starters, users can select their own app shortcuts on the lock screen, but the application automatically places your most-used apps for you, as it did with mine which you can see in the header image above. Clearly, I use a lot of Instagram and Chrome. A neat swiping gesture unlocks the device when you are holding an app shortcut, which then flings you into the desired app.

Besides shortcuts, alerts from apps you want will appear on the lock screen as pop ups, allowing you to handle business on your phone without the need to unlock it if you so choose.

Finally, a few 500px wallpapers have been included with the app to choose from, which being a more polished look and feel to your lock screen.


  • Alerts from your favorite apps will appear immediately on SnapLock
  • SnapLock learns your most-used apps and pre-sets shortcuts automatically to the lock screen for fast access
  • Select one of the included 500px works of professional photographers as your lock screen
  • SnapLock was made with the latest Android version in mind for the best user experience

The app is completely free to download and features no IAPs. Score.

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