Friday Poll: Capacitive or On-screen Buttons?

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With two big-time devices, the DROID Turbo and Galaxy Note 4, set to hit the market soon, both featuring capacitive buttons, we feel like it is a good time to see how you all feel about the capacitive button vs. on-screen button debate.

It seems as though Samsung’s lineup and Motorola’s DROID product line will feature capacitive buttons for the time being, as both companies appear reluctant to adopt Google’s on-screen button configuration which has been widely adopted by all other OEMs. Heck, even HTC finally started using on-screen buttons last year on their flagship phones.

While Samsung takes the capacitive arrangement a bit further, featuring a hardware Home button as well, we are more curious how you feel about a phone such as the DROID Turbo featuring capacitive and not on-screen buttons. Would that stop you from purchasing the device? Would on-screen buttons make the next DROID simply irresistible? With Motorola’s Nexus 6 aka Shamu featuring on-screen buttons, will you have a hard time deciding between the two?

Let us know your thoughts on capacitive vs. on-screen buttons below.

Capacitive or On-screen Buttons?

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