Friday Poll: Capacitive or On-screen Buttons?

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With two big-time devices, the DROID Turbo and Galaxy Note 4, set to hit the market soon, both featuring capacitive buttons, we feel like it is a good time to see how you all feel about the capacitive button vs. on-screen button debate.

It seems as though Samsung’s lineup and Motorola’s DROID product line will feature¬†capacitive buttons for the time being, as both companies appear reluctant to adopt Google’s on-screen button configuration which has been widely adopted by all other OEMs. Heck, even HTC finally started using on-screen buttons last year on their flagship phones.

While Samsung takes the capacitive arrangement a bit further, featuring a hardware Home button as well, we are more curious how you feel about a phone such as the DROID Turbo featuring capacitive and not on-screen buttons. Would that stop you from purchasing the device? Would on-screen buttons make the next DROID simply irresistible? With Motorola’s Nexus 6 aka Shamu featuring on-screen buttons, will you have a hard time deciding between the two?

Let us know your thoughts on capacitive vs. on-screen buttons below.

Capacitive or On-screen Buttons?

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