Nokia’s HERE Maps Launches in Beta for Select Samsung Hardware Through Apps Store

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Select Samsung device owners have a new maps application to choose from this morning, as Nokia’s own HERE app has launched in beta through the Apps Store. Having a beta of HERE leaked already, we found that Nokia’s entry into the maps world for Android has been rather¬†well done, as it offers one big feature that we wish Google Maps did much better, that being a true Offline Mode.¬†

While Google does allow you to cache a selected area of a map to your phone, the map is essentially useless, as no navigation or searches can be performed with the map. For all helpful features, you need a data connection. With HERE, any map you download is still fully searchable, navigable with turn-by-turn directions, and complete with 3D renderings of buildings.

As stated, the application is still in Beta through the Apps Store, downloadable only by a handful of Samsung devices including the Galaxy S5, but it is still a decent option that you might want to check out.

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