Brain Wars Available on Google Play, Rank Your Brain Power Alongside Friends

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A game called Brain Wars is available in Google Play this week, one which will pit you against friends and strangers across the world. The game is based on quick brain challenges, sectioned into different categories, such as memory, speed, calculation, and observation. The overall point is to see just which categories your brain reigns triumphant. 

In each round, there are three challenges. Whoever scores the highest on each challenge after the three games wins. Afterwards, the game calculates your score, then displays a graph of your strengths and weaknesses. There is a rating system built into the game, which makes sure you only play people who are on your same rank.

I will say, much like QuizUp, I do not take loss very well. After a couple of games, where I was still trying to figure out how to play the various puzzles, I was on a losing streak. While it did not do very well for my self confidence, the game also allows you to practice and train before you take on real opponents. To help give you a slight advantage by not going in blind, I recommend the training.

The game is free to play, so if you are up for a brain challenge, go check it out.

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