OnePlus Cancels StyleSwap Covers for the One

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OnePlus One owners, I hope you weren’t still waiting for StyleSwap covers to arrive, like the Bamboo cover pictured above that OnePlus unveiled back in July. The company announced this afternoon through its forums that they are officially calling off the StyleSwap project. Due to “technical difficulties” in mass producing the Bamboo cover, along with a terribly designed back cover removal process that puts your phone at risk of damage, StyleSwap covers are no more. 

OnePlus did mention that they have a limited stock of Bamboo covers that will be available at some point. Bets on an invite system to buy one? They are also still looking into releasing limited edition One phones with either kevlar or denim backs.

In the next version of the phone (called the OnePlus 2), OnePlus will make sure they can produce high quality StyleSwap covers and allow you to replace them without damaging your phone. Sequel!

Via:  OnePlus Forums



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