Google Maps Engine Lite Becomes My Maps, Gains Upgrade Option for Old My Maps Creations

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Last year in March, Google introduced Maps Engine Lite, a free and publicly available version of the search giant’s custom map creation tools for enterprise. It stood alone from Google’s My Maps, a simpler service, but the company promised the two services would eventually merge. A few months more than a year to the day, Google has finally delivered on that pledge.

Somewhat confusingly, Maps Engine Lite has been rebranded as My Maps, but retains all of its functionality – you can still share and add pictures, custom icons, and descriptions to maps. Other than a new icon and the ability for users of the classic My Maps to upgrade their old creations, the web and mobile app have not changed.

The benefits of upgrading maps created in the older My Maps editor are many, Google avers. The new and improved My Maps lets you import spreadsheets, embed images and YouTube videos, and more easily organize locations and routes. Of course, you don’t have much of a choice – all classic maps will apparently upgrade automatically by the end of this year.

My Maps is in the play store and online.

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