Report: HTC Android Wear Smartwatch Coming 2015

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Smartwatches are poised to become a billion-dollar market by analyst estimations, so maybe it was premature to assume HTC was throwing in the towel so soon. CNET reports that contrary to an earlier report, the Taiwan-based manufacturer is in the process of refining a smartwatch and has plans for a 2015 launch.

HTC is striving to differentiate its produce from prototypical devices already on the market. According to sources familiar with the smartwatch, “elements of design” and “features that consumers will more immediately gravitate toward” will be key selling points when it debuts next year. Reportedly, it will run an altered version of Android Wear that may include proprietary features and software.

HTC faces an uphill battle. Offerings from a bevy of manufacturers – LG, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, and more – would compete squarely with the company’s device. And with a 2015 release date, HTC may be forced to contend for mindshare in the shadow of the Apple Watch, a task that may prove difficult.

Anyone excited to see what HTC’s planning?




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