CubicTour is a Puzzler Set in Space, Filled With Colorful Cubes That Need Spinning

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Strolling through the endless lists on Google Play, we found a new puzzler title that we would like to share, titled CubicTour. In the game, which is split up into sections of multiple cubes, you twist and spin different pieces, matching them with the preview piece on the top of the display. If you go past the preview piece without having the correct sequence, you crash and burn.

At first the game is extremely easy, but as the levels go deeper, it becomes insanely tricky to figure out the right sequence of twists and spins you must use to get the pieces to align properly. 

It’s somewhat frustrating at first, but definitely not impossible. What makes the little bit of frustration completely bearable is the setting, which appears to be deep space, plus the game’s simple background music. The video below will accurately more portray what you are in for if you download the title.

The game is free to download from Google Play, and from what we can see, there are no IAPs.

Grab it.

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