Dropbox Simplifies Offerings, Reduces Pricing, Introduces New Features

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As anyone who has paid for Dropbox storage can tell you, the cloud company has not exactly been competitive when it comes to pricing, at least comparatively. With the abnegation of an incumbent, Dropbox has left its expensive tiers unchanged in recent months, while competitors like Google and Amazon have drastically undercut them.

Historically, the service has defended its pricing, arguing the included features more than justify the added cost. If this morning’s announcement is any indication, though, the 300 million+ user service is starting to feel the heat.

The biggest news is Dropbox’s consolidation of the Pro plan into a single, 1 TB offering for $9.99 a month. That brings the cost in line with a comparable Google Drive plan, and makes it a whole lot cheaper than Amazon, which offers the same amount of storage for $500 a year.

The company also revealed a few new features for Pro users. Refined sharing controls allow users to create passwords for shared links, set shared links to expire after a specified amount of time, and fine-tune viewing permissions for shared folders. Remote wipe, another addition, allows you to delete Dropbox files stored on a stolen device without removing them from cloud storage.

The cheaper Pro plan launches today, with the new features set to go live over the next few days for current subscribers.

If there is a takeaway from today’s news, it’s that competition is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

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