Forget Google, Amazon Buying Twitch Streaming Service for More Than $1 Billion (Updated)

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Update:  It’s official – Amazon is buying Twitch for $970 million.

According to two sources of The Information, as well as a source of the Wall Street Journal, Google is no longer set to acquire Twitch, the livestream network for roughly $1 billion. Instead, Amazon is now the buyer, reportedly all set to sign the paperwork and announce the deal as early as today. 

The deal is reported to be worth more than $1 billion, as Amazon will look to take Google’s YouTube as well as Netflix head-on once the deal is made. Twitch has been the go-to site for gamers as of late, perfect for streamers who enjoy pasting a feed of themselves playing the latest video game titles.

There is no information available as to why Google backed out of the deal, but speculation leads to the theory that if Google purchased Twitch, there would no longer be any type of real competition in the livestream business.

If this story pans out, and Amazon does indeed purchase Twitch for more than $1 billion, you will surely hear about it once publicly announced.

Via: The Information (Subscription) | WSJ (Subscription)



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