Sprint Calls It a “New Day for Unlimited Data,” Announces $60 Unlimited Plan

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Many thought that Sprint was going to kill off unlimited data after announcing their new double-data share plans on Monday. In an announcement this morning, claiming today as a “new day for unlimited data,” it’s clear that they still believe in an unlimited way of life. Starting tomorrow, new and existing Sprint customers can sign-up for their new unlimited data plan, which includes unlimited talk and text as well, for $60 per month

In order to qualify for this new $60 unlimited plan, Sprint customers “must purchase their device through Sprint Easy Pay, pay full retail price or bring their own compatible device.”

For those new, Sprint Easy Pay is a monthly payment program for phones that requires a down payment which varies by device (most are showing right now as $0 down). You are essentially paying the full price of the phone, though the cost has been broken up into 24-monthly payments. The other two options for qualifying should be self-explanatory.

For comparison sake, Sprint is pointing out that T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan runs $80, $20 more than this new unlimited option. They also make it clear to everyone that AT&T and Verizon do not offer unlimited data plans.

Of course, even at these prices, being a part of Sprint’s network means you are a part of the worst in the country, according to this report.

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