Google Granted New Patent for Glass Design, Looks a Bit Better Than Current Model

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According to a newly granted patent, Google may have a new design for Google Glass. Let’s all say it together – thank goodness! Thanks to the filing being made available through the USPTO website, we get a pretty good look at what Google might do with upcoming renditions of the wearable hardware. 

As you can see, they almost look like real glasses, with the right side lens holding what appears to be the prism that houses the seeable information. To sum it up, if Google has been able to cut back on the footprint of the prism used, compressing it into a small space, then can somehow display it on the glass’ lens or somewhere in that vicinity, then the company’s engineers and designers should all get a massive bonus.

While Glass is fun to tinker around with, it is certainly an eye catcher, and not always in the best way. It’s easy to demand a lot of unwanted attention when it is on your head, so any type of redesign to make the glasses look more natural is greatly appreciated by all fans of Glass.

Google recently opened up the Explorer Program to anyone who wanted to enter, essentially trying to clear inventory of unused pairs of the prototype. Does that mean an unveiling of a new model could take place soon? Time will tell.

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