Last App Switcher is a “Last Channel” Button for Your Phone

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You know that¬†last channel button you have on your TV remote that lets you quickly go back and forth between two channels? Imagine that same button for you phone. Android does technically have a feature like this, but instead of switching between two apps (or “channels,” for example’s sake), you are given multiple apps that you must search through and then select.

With a new app called Last App Switcher (LAS for short), you can quickly toggle between the app you are currently using and the app you were using right before it; no more selecting which app you want to see through the multi-tasking bar. 

The app places a little red button on your display, movable to wherever you would like, just like a Facebook Chat Head. Under the settings, there are options to change the size and transparency of the button, which should help you make the button a better part of your home screen.

The app is free to download and use from Google Play, so if you would like to move away from using the mutli-task button so much, give this a look.

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