Wednesday Question: Name Your Top Five Favorite Android Games

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I can’t even count how many games I have talked about, downloaded, and played during my time here at DL, but it’s easily hundreds upon hundreds of titles.

Usually, if it was something like movies or bands, it would be impossible to specifically name a top five of all time, but when it comes to Android games, the question is completely doable. So, here we are, asking you what your top 5 favorite Android games are of all time. 

Here is my list.

  1. QuizUp
  2. Granny Smith
  3. Impossible Road
  4. Whale Trail
  5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

I probably have about 10 others on my honorable mentions, but I am trying to follow my own rules. Now it’s your turn!

What are your top five favorite Android games?



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