HTC to Make Zoe App Available to All Android Phones Through Google Play

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According to a report from Re/code, HTC has upcoming plans for its proprietary software and applications currently found on the latest One line of devices, plans that involve Android phones from all other OEMs, believe it or not.

When speaking with Drew Bamford, head of the HTC user interface team, it was stated that HTC’s Zoe application would hit Google Play for all other Android devices this week, given that they at least run the latest version of Android. This means anyone rocking a Galaxy S5, LG G3, Moto X or any other top Android phone can soon utilize one of the features that differentiated HTC’s lineup from the rest. 

For those unfamiliar with the Zoe application, it allows users to snap a three second video clip, as well as a series of stills with their camera. Once a Zoe is shot, the app stitches your work together, offering you a living memory of the moment, which also includes sound. With it launching for phones besides the ones currently from HTC, the company intends to have more sharing capability added in, with a new editing and adding-in feature included. For example, a friend of yours can add in additional content to the Zoe, making it a super highlight reel of your awesome weekend at the lake.

There is no date exactly for when Zoe will be made compatible for other phones besides HTC’s, but it is reported that it should be this week. If you see it available for your phone, be sure to let us know.

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