Foursquare Receives Makeover, Will Recommend Food Joints While You’re on The Go

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The changes coming to Foursquare have been documented for quite some time, as the app was set to perform different tasks than the same ol’ check-in app it once was.

Today, the rewritten app is now available on Google Play for Android users, ultimately taking on a much different role, one which will hopefully have you dining at new restaurants and enjoying new experiences in places which surround you already. 

When first opening the new app, you are asked to select a few food categories which will help the app track and find places that you would like. After doing so, when you are making your way around the town, Foursquare will pull your background location, then suggest places which you might enjoy. For example, say I selected steak, burgers, and breweries. When I am driving in downtown Portland, Foursquare will likely recommend I go check out Rogue and Deschutes.

However, the one major difference is that I won’t check-in to these places using Foursquare anymore. For that, I will need the now standalone app called Swarm. Why there needs to be two apps, I do not know exactly.

To give the new app a try, download it on Google Play.

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