Report: Google Ready to Break Photo Service Out of Google+

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According to sources of Bloomberg, Google might possibly break its Photos service out of Google+, making it stand more independently from its social network, even going as far as to let non-Google+ users be a part of the fun. The service, which is currently called Google+ Photos, could possibly be used to take on apps like Instagram or Flickr. 

From what Google has stated in the past, 1.5 billion photos are uploaded to Google+ every week, many of which receive the Auto Awesome treatment thanks to Google’s hard-working servers. Then, once automatically edited, they are made shareable with the click of a single button both on the web and through the Photos app on Android. The Photos app, Auto Awesome features, and editing tools included are some of the best available to mobile devices.

The report isn’t all that clear, but it sounds like Google will likely re-brand the app, make little mention of G+ during the sign-in process, and see how it can compete with established photo sharing/social apps.

Purely speculating here, but could this possible divorce be another sign that Google is looking to break down Google+? We know the company hasn’t given up hope completely, but as we saw at Google I/O, there was hardly any mention of the social network whatsoever. If you were to rid yourself of a network, taking out its key feature would definitely be a step you would take.


Via: Bloomberg



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