Top 5 Android Games: July 2014

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The end of July as come, so it’s time to look at the best Android games that crossed our desks. This month, we saw the release of a few great Indie games, meaning that the titles didn’t have major backers funding their development. In a few cases, these games end up being some of the best, but of course, there is no doubt that big time publishers can push out great work too, as we saw with Gameloft in the release of Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

A couple of the games we list this month feature addictive characteristics, meaning it is easy to die in the game, but even easier to press “replay.” In addictive games, you want to try again, hoping to do better than you did the last round. Other games for this month include a puzzler, platformer, and a FPS title.

Below are the Top 5 Android Games for July 2014. 

1. Thomas Was Alone ($5.39)

Thomas Was Alone is an interesting game, with all of the characteristics of a basic platformer. However, TWA is so much more than a generic platform game, as there is narration throughout the title by Danny Wallace.

You play as a conscious rectangle, aware of his own existence in a mysterious world. Your goal is beat levels, while also befriending other shapes in the game. It’s a rather cute game, but that little rectangle might tug at your heartstrings.

For the price of $5.39, skip that morning coffee from Starbucks and check it out.


2. Modern Combat 5: Blackout ($6.99)

The next installment in the Modern Combat series, Blackout is possibly the first FPS from Gameloft which features zero IAPs. Once you buy the game, you get the full title with no hidden gimmicks.

The game itself kicks major butt, full of sweet 3D graphics, action-packed gameplay, and tons of weapons in your armory to take down cyber terrorists around the world.

If you are a fan of playing FPS titles on your mobile device, check this one out.

[responsive_vid vid_url=”XeEgSF_k-xE”]

3. Blek ($2.99)

At first, Blek is an amazingly developed puzzler, but once you reach the higher levels in this game, you will feel your fingers running up your head, ready to rip your hair out. It can be quite frustrating.

Using your finger to creature gestures, the gestures then move about a level, bouncing around trying to collect dots. But if your gesture hits a wall or object, it vanishes and you must start all over with a new gesture. It’s very tricky to master, but the gameplay is fresh and the music is awesome.

For only $2.99, it’s a must buy.

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4. Timberman (Free)

Timberman isn’t exactly a new game on Google Play, but it seems to have been “discovered” this month, thanks to it making the rounds across the web. In the game, you play as a logger who is attempting to cut down an impossibly tall tree, while avoiding branches.

While chopping, you must dodge branches by standing on the right or left side of tree, with the main goal being to see how far you can get. I got to about 60 cuts, which was impressive for me, but there are others who get up to 200+.

It’s a very addictive, but fun game. And for the price of free, it’s a no brainer.

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5. Don’t Touch The Spikes (Free)

Being somewhat reminiscent of Flappy Bird, Don’t Touch The Spikes is a very fun, yet another addicting game featuring an adorable little bird. Moving from left to right, your goal is to not hit spikes (obviously), while also collecting apples to upgrade your bird’s look.

The feel of the game is very responsive, which is helpful, considering that one wrong tap could send your bird into deadly spikes. It’s cute, easy, and simple to pick up and drop at a moment’s notice.

The game is totally free, but does feature a few annoying ads. If you can handle a few ads, check it out.

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