Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Gains HD Voice Icon, Security Enhancements

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It was nearly a month ago that Sprint announced the nationwide availability of HD Voice, and since that time, a number of handsets have received the requisite software necessary to take advantage.

A notable omission from many upgrades, however, has been any kind of HD Voice indicator, which makes it rather difficult to tell in what areas the feature is available.

Fortunately, manufacturers have been adding iconography retroactively, most recently Samsung for the Galaxy S4

In addition to an “HD Voice Icon,” Galaxy S4 owners on Sprint can expect “Google security patches” in the update issued today. It’s hardly Android 4.4.4, but who can complain about new firmware of any kind, especially for a year-old device?

The upgrade procedure hasn’t changed; if you use an applicable smartphone, you will see a notification to install the update sometime soon. Manually check for updates by tapping the Menu key, then Settings > More > System Updates > Update Samsung Software > Check Now.

Via: Sprint



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