Artistic Puzzler Monument Valley Goes on Sale in Google Play, Priced at $1.99

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Monument Valley, a true viral puzzler which it seemed everyone downloaded upon its release to Android, is now on sale for what I believe is the first time in Google Play. If you were holding off on purchasing this game for this exact day, then now is the time. 

In Monument Valley, you play as a young girl, trying to make her way through various towers which are broken up into puzzles. Many pieces of these towers are movable, as well as twistable, so it is up to the player to get the little princess to the end of a level without running into trouble.

Probably the most fascinating key to the game is its animations and overall aesthetic; it’s beautiful. The landscape’s colors are rich, the story you are being told is somewhat deep, and the mechanics of the puzzle are spot on.

The game is worth every single penny of $2.49, so if you have not yet bought this game, I urge you to do so now.

Update:  The price has dropped further and is now just $1.99.

Play Link ($1.99)


Cheers Robert!



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