Plants vs. Zombies 2 Dark Ages Part 2 Released, 10 New Medieval Levels to Play Through

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A new update is available for Plants vs. Zombies 2, which is another Dark Ages update, this time being Part 2 of the series. In the update, players attempt to go through 10 new levels of medieval zombies, battle an evil wizard zombie, evil hungry sheep, and a new King Zombie baddie.

To put you against an even more challenging opponent, a new “Zomboss” is included, which I assume will not be as easily defeated as other undead characters.

Zombie wizards, king zombies, and Zomboss? Sounds intense. 

What’s New

  • 10 new levels and 2 new plants to checketh out
  • The Wizard Zombie . . . watch out for the sheep!
  • The newly crowned King Zombie, who’s making zombies into knights
  • A fired-up Zomboss awaiting and the endless Arthur’s Challenge to test your mettle

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