Verizon’s Targeted Advertising “Smart Rewards” Program Going Nationwide on July 24

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The day when Verizon discounts postpaid pricing may also be the day in which pigs take to the skies, but the carrier is apparently willing to offer some form of reward for your … continued devotion. This morning, Big Red announced that Verizon Smart Rewards, a program which rewards subscribers who take advantage of select services with discounts on merchandise, dining, and travel is going nationwide beginning July 24.

That sounds innocuous enough, but in order to take full advantage, you will need to enroll in the carrier’s latest targeted advertising program, Verizon Selects

The benefits of Smart Rewards are simple enough. Beginning July 24, performing certain actions such as signing into My Verizon, paying your bill, choosing Verizon Trade In, and choosing paperless billing will net you points that can be applied towards gifts. Redeemable via smartphone or online, discounts through sweepstakes, auctions, and giveaways include up to 40 percent off 200 “well-known brands,” travel discounts at more than 26,000 hotels, and special promotions, such as chances to win NFL game tickets.

The caveat? Only customers who sign up for Verizon Selects will earn points for every dollar spent. That’s a nasty trick to get folks to submit their desktop and web surfing habits to advertisers, but it will no doubt entice more than a few. Given the nature of sweepstakes and auctions, enrolling in Verizon Selects may be the only way to win the biggest prizes.

For those interested in Verizon Smart Rewards, enrollment is not automatic. It requires logging into My Verizon on or after July 24 and opting into the program manually.

Anyone here willing to exchange their browsing habits for discounts on goodies?

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