Abbagoochie and Valocia Codenames Outed as Possible Upcoming Motorola DROIDs

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For those hoping to see more DROID devices from Motorola this year, @evleaks has reportedly outed at least two devices codenamed, Abbagoochie and Valocia. The Abbagoochie, which is easily one of the most bizarre codenames ever, is said to be a DROID MAXX replacement device, while the Valocia is to be a rehash of the DROID Mini.

According to @evleaks, both devices will be powered by quad-core Snapdragon 801 processors from Qualcomm, but no other specifications are known at this time. 

As it is mid-July, it is almost surprising we have gotten this far into the year without more news about upcoming DROID devices. Whether Motorola is just too busy focusing on the Moto 360 and Moto X+1 to start the Verizon hypebeast, your guess is as good as ours. As a refresher, the DROID MAXX, Ultra, and Mini were announced last year on July 23.

Besides a possible Snapdragon 801 powering these devices, what other specs do you hope Motorola might bake into any upcoming DROIDs? We will get the ball rolling for you. For us, we would like to see at least Full HD displays, 2GB+ of RAM, 13MP rear-facing shooters, fat batteries that put the competition to shame, and of course, new proprietary software as we saw on last year’s Moto X.

Make it happen, Moto.

Via: @evleaks



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