Spigen LG G3 Cases

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Spigen, one of our favorite case manufacturers, was kind enough to send over a box of cases that included their entire line-up for the newly launched LG G3. In the box of samples, we received a Slim Armor, Ultra Fit, Ultra Hybrid, and Wallet S. These range of cases covers the needs of just about anyone, so we in the video below we take each for a spin to let you see how they look, talk about how they feel on the device, and some of their individual benefits. 

The Slim Armor is the toughest of Spigen’s cases, as it includes a combination of TPU and hard polycarbonate. The case provides a snug fit without a ton of bulk, so that you can still enjoy your phone and feel secure. The Ultra Fit is my personal favorite. This case is ultra minimal, adds a touch of style to your phone, but can also be there to protect your screen from scratches or a minor drop. I love it because you almost can’t tell that you have a case on your phone. The Ultra Hybrid is for those who want TPU-like protection, but still want to see the design of your phone. It features a TPU bumper attached to a clear plastic casing. Finally, you have the Wallet S, which as the name suggests, is a wallet-style case with latch, synthetic leather, foldable stand for watching content, and pockets for storing cards and things.

Prices for each are quite different, but Spigen is currently selling the Slim Armor starting at $16.99, Ultra Fit at $9.99, Ultra Hybrid at $11.99, and Wallet S for $16.99 through Amazon.

Spigen’s Amazon Store 


Slim Armor

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Ultra Fit

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Ultra Hybrid

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Wallet S

spigen lg g3 case-5 spigen lg g3 case-4 spigen lg g3 case-3 spigen lg g3 case-2 spigen lg g3 case-1



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