Amazon Instant Video App may Finally Come to Android, Release “Imminent”

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In comparison to other platforms, Android has a lot of apps – over 1 million, in fact – but the catalog is far from complete. A few high-profile omissions have made the parity gap painfully perceptible, small as it is. However, according to one report, partial assuagement may be just around the corner. Amazon Marketing Director Russell Morris reportedly told PC Advisor that Amazon Instant Video, a long-awaited app, is due for “imminent” arrival on Android.

Amazon has thus far been reluctant to release an Amazon Instant Video app on Android for fear of cannibalizing sales of its Fire line of tablets. The move, should it come to pass, would be an unprecedented reversal for a company which has largely tried to segregate its ecosystem and fork of Android, Fire OS, from Google’s offerings. The change, much like Microsoft’s decision to release a version of Office for Android, could be tacit acknowledgement that the Android platform represents an untapped potential source of revenue.

Don’t hold your breath for an Amazon Instant Video app just yet – the report is unconfirmed. Still, it should give some hope to Prime subscribers who’ve been waiting to watch movies and TV shows on their Android devices for years.

Via: PC Advisor



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