“No, I Said” Command in Google Now Lets You Correct Butchered Voice Searches

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Voice searches with Google Now can sometimes be an exercise in futility it seems. Its accuracy is predicated on many factors, such as the quietness of your surroundings and the clarity of your speech, so results can be pretty inaccurate at times.

Thankfully, Google is acknowledging this problem. The company is rolling out a new feature which allows you to correct misheard words and phrases with your voice.

By saying “No, I said” after Google Now butchers your verbiage, you can change certain words with your voice. For example, “No, I said Savannah” could replace “banana” with “Savannah,” and so on. Previously, correcting commands and searches would require initiating a new query, which can be frustrating.

Voice corrections should be available to everyone as of today. It works on both the iOS and Android versions of the Google Search application.

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