Moto 360 Product Lead Lior Ron Talks Design in 60 Second Clip

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Motorola is continuing its Moto 360 hype, this time in a brief conversation with Lior Ron, product lead for the Moto 360. In this brief clip, Lior discusses Motorola’s decision to go with the round look, which has had most tech enthusiasts extremely excited since it was first unveiled.

Lior states in the video that a watch is simply one’s self expression on the wrist, which is why the company opted for a more fashionable approach to Android Wear. With the round design, Motorola has been able to place a larger display on the user, allowing for more information to be seen at any given time. 

As you all may know, we here at DL can’t wait to get our hands on this piece of hardware. It’s time for the square smartwatches to be placed on hold.

Naturally, still no date or pricing has been given for the Moto 360, but believe us, we will let you know as soon as that info is made available.

Via: Motorola



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