iFixit Gives the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch a Teardown, Looking for the Secrets of Android Wear

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Google’s first iterations of Android Wear have been on people’s wrists in the form of the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live since Google I/O ended. Like clockwork, the guys from iFixit have gotten their hands on a few devices, so they could tear them down to show us what exactly goes into the two new smartwatches in case you ever had to do some repairing yourself. We also like seeing the insides of these products, especially new-to-market tech like smartwatches. 

If you are not familiar with iFixit, the website posts detailed descriptions of how to completely tear apart a piece of tech that you use everyday in order to show the process that goes on should you ever attempt to fix something yourself. Luckily for any current or future owners of the G Watch or Gear Live, you can expect a fairly easy repair if something were to break.

The Gear Live scored an 8 out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale and the G Watch scored a 9, 10 being the easiest. Both smartwatches are fairly simple and easy to tear down, the only thing keeping them from an almost perfect score is that both watches fuse the display directly onto chassis of the watch. This makes a display repair, should you ever need it, a pretty involved operation. Outside of that, the two pieces of Android Wear are easy to work with, but please don’t go prying apart your new smartwatch without knowing what you’re getting into.

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Via: iFixit G Watch Teardown | Gear Live Teardown



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