Toggle System Settings Through Google Now With Commandr App

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Slightly peeved that Google Now still doesn’t support built-in commands for toggling your phone’s system settings or pausing music, unlike the voice assistant-who-must-not-be-named on iOS? Commandr, a new app found on Google Play, is probably the best interim solution. 

Google Now doesn’t have any public APIs, meaning developers can’t technically add custom voice commands. However, Commandr cleverly works around that limitation by leveraging Google Now’s “take a note” command, which allows you to route dictation to a third-party app of your choice.

By posing as a note-taking app, Commandr is able to intercept and interpret commands from Google Now like “take a note turn off Bluetooth.” It works flawlessly in practice, although prefacing everything with “take a note” could become tiresome.

Apps like utter! have long supported custom voice commands, but if you are set on using Google Now, you can’t do better than Commandr as of this moment.

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