Google Play Games Update Coming, Quests and Saved Games in Tow

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On Wednesday morning, during the Google I/O keynote, Google revealed a few hotly anticipated features rolling out to Play Games users over the next few weeks.

User-facing improvements include Game Profile, which you can think of as Xbox Gamertags for Android. Points you earn, as well as achievements you unlock from games played, will add to a total which is attached to your profile. 

Quests and saved games are two other notable features coming down the development pipeline. Quests enable developers to create time-based community challenges on the server side of the game, saving the need to issue app updates for the purpose. A huge addition is saved games. Games that take advantage will sync your progress across all of your devices, over the cloud. Cover images and descriptions will represent your progress graphically.

The new version of Play Games will also support Android TV at launch, for what that’s worth.

Look for the updates in the coming weeks.

To see exactly what Google said about Google Play Games during the keynote, skip ahead to the 2:22:00 mark in the video for the details.


Via: Google Developers Blog



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