Thousands of HTC Shareholders Show Up to Annual Meeting, Grow Frustrated When They Don’t Receive Free Phones

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After a few quarters of disappointing sales numbers and returns, HTC is in the middle of a pretty big slump right now. For this year’s annual investment meeting, I’m sure HTC wasn’t expecting a warm welcome, but they certainly were not expecting to be bombarded with the question: where is my free phone?¬†

The Wall Street Journal¬†is reporting that nearly three hours into the meeting of nearly 2,000 HTC shareholders, the crowd was still pestering them about whether or not they would be receiving a free phone like they did at last year’s meeting. Instead, this year they were given a thermos, fruit juice and bread, but there was a raffle to win one of 200 phones for everyone in attendance.

The rest of the meeting still went off fine, with HTC’s projections predicting a profit for next quarter in hopes to quell some of the stockholders’s fears. That being said, stories like this show the magnitude of the situation that HTC is in currently. The company has gone from one of the top Android manufacturers in the world a few years ago to stockholders arguing with the company management about whether or not they would be getting freebies at their investment meetings.

If you were one of the HTC investors at this meeting, would a free phone be the first thing on your mind?

Via: WSJ



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