Life Time Alarm Clock Provides Everything You Want in an Alarm Clock and Then Some

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For most of the world, waking up in the morning is not an enjoyable experience. Luckily for us, our smartphones provide a bit more intelligence over the loud and annoying standard alarm clocks. Life Time Alarm Clock is looking to make a dent in this new app market by offering all the features and customization you could ever need right on your nightstand. 

Not since the launch of a Timely, another very well designed alarm clock app, have we realized the possibilities that can come from an Android morning alarm. At its core, Life Time allows you to set your alarms through a dragging user interface that makes it easy to see where you are on the clock. You can set a pre-alarm as well, which makes the sound start off quiet and slowly grow rather than going from silence to panic-inducing noise levels.

That is just the start of Life Time’s features. Snooze is important to all of us, so Life Time allows us to play around with it as much as we need. You can flip your phone to snooze, but if you find yourself doing it too often, you can set a time limit on when your phone will stop snoozing the alarm. When you eventually do decide to get up out of bed, Life Time offers alarm challenges that only turn off the alarm after you pass a test.

The only downside that we could find to Life Time is when we compare it to Timely. Timely offers alarms that you can save in the cloud and sync to multiple devices, something that Life Time does not do. But if you keep one phone designated for alarms, then that might not be a deal breaker for you.

For the low price of free, Life Time Alarm Clock offers a lot all in a minimalist and bright UI. Head over to its page on Google Play if you need some help getting up in the morning.

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