FYI: AT&T’s Activation Fee for 2-Year Contracts is Now $40

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In case you are an AT&T customer who purchases discounted phones on new 2-year contracts, you should know that your activation fee is now $40 instead of $36 when upgrading phones. That’s right, AT&T has raised their activation fee, a fee that doesn’t exist if you buy phones through AT&T Next with a Mobile Share plan. The change went into effect June 8. 

AT&T confirmed the change to Fierce Wireless, stating that customers “choosing a 2-year contract plan will experience a four-dollar activation,” but that those who go with AT&T Next and Mobile Share are getting a “great value” that doesn’t include such a fee. Clearly, AT&T and the rest of the industry see an opportunity to make more money off of new monthly device payments plans in favor of 2-year service plans or this wouldn’t be the case. 

Verizon charges a $35 activation fee, while Sprint’s weighs in at $36.

Via:  Fierce Wireless | AT&T



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