EvolveSMS Partners With PushBullet, Lets You Respond to Texts From Your Computer

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Pushbullet is capable of many things, but one feature the app has been sorely missing is the ability to reply to text messages from PC. Financial and technical limitations may prevent the Pushbullet team from adding the functionality themselves, but thanks to a partnership with EvolveSMS, the folks at Pushbullet have come up with a pretty good stopgap. 

The latest beta version of Pushbullet extends notification mirroring to work with EvolveSMS. When you receive notification of a text message on your PC, you can reply to the message. After you finish, Pushbullet will send what you have written to EvolveSMS on your phone and automatically text it. Pretty nifty.

To leverage the new feature, you will need to sign up for both the Pushbullet and EvolveSMS beta programs. You can do so by joining their respective Google+ communities (+Pushbullet, +EvolveSMS) and by opting into the betas on Google Play (see the instructions posted on Google+). You will also need the latest version of Pushbullet’s Chrome extension.

The Pushbullet team hopes to integrate more messaging apps in the future. Google Voice, anyone? (I kid.)


Via: Pushbullet



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