NVIDIA SHIELD 2 (P2570) Hits FCC, Curved Backside Shown Off

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Thanks to a recent FCC filing, we can now be on the lookout for an announcement regarding a SHIELD 2 device from NVIDIA. A controller-shaped console hit the Commission with model number P2570, and with the original SHIELD unit sporting model number P2450, there are not many other devices this could be.

Looking at the lonely diagram taken from the official filing, we can see that SHIELD 2 will likely be a bit slimmer than the original SHIELD, as that device was a tad on the bulky side. Besides the backside, no other images can be found within the report. 

However, being the fantastic speculators we are, our guess is that NVIDIA will throw in its Tegra K1 processor to power this device, as well as give the display a nice bump up to Full HD from the current 720p resolution SHIELD sports today.

Those two improvements would be worth the upgrade by themselves.

Do you have anything on your list for what you would like to see from the SHIELD 2?

Via: Engadget | FCC



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