Pushbullet Updated With Notification Mirroring Across Android Devices

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Remember the ability to sync notifications across Android devices that was highlighted at last year’s Google I/O? Many developers have clearly yet to take advantage, but thankfully, the fantastic developers at Pushbullet decided to take matters into their own hands with a notification mirroring solution of their own.

You may know Pushbullet as a great app for quickly transferring files, links, messages, and to-do lists from your phone to computer (and vice versa), but it will do a whole lot more than that starting today. The app has had PC mirroring for quite a while, but the update will extend that functionality to your other Android devices. That means you can see who is calling or texting you while using your tablet, for example, or swipe notifications away on one device to dismiss them everywhere.

Cross-device notification mirroring is currently in beta. To enable the feature, install Pushbullet on all of the Android devices you wish to sync. Then, navigate to the settings screen on each device and check the requisite box. Note that only devices running Android 4.3 and up will be able to take advantage of notification mirroring.

Pushbullet is free in the Google Play Store.

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